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In an ever-changing world where space and time have taken a new meaning, forcing us all to spend more time indoors Michaela Vergottis (aka Mika) was inspired to create products with the intention to boost our spirits whilst indoors. Mika's Deco was born.

Adding her splash of uniqueness, Mika created a range of candle products that showcase her personal artistic designs and then carefully selected unique candle formulas that fill up and purify any space.

The candles are remarkable in every way, aesthetically dreamy and pleasing to the eye and with divine scents making them a perfect piece for every living area or workspace. Mika has collaborated with some of the best plexiglass artisans and candle experts to bring her collection to life.

All candles are made using natural aroma ingredients combined with purification and essential oils. Once the wax has slowly become one with the surrounding space, the plexiglass art container can be reused as a decorative piece in your personal space.